Formed in 1973, incorporated in 1977; a 501(3)c non-profit; consists of anyone with a desire to voluntarily aid in promoting the Good News of Jesus Christ in our area. Original Board: Rev Loren Parman, Rev Roger Barr, John Townsend, Dave Shindler, Dan Powers, Bunny Detro, Judy Harris with Kelly Hancock as attorney oversight.


  • First done in 1989 with Gary & Joella Judd and Andrew as baby Jesus….He recently married! Actors from a variety of churches pantomime the Bible reading with music added. Not every year.
  • Outdoors at Omak Bandshell, Food Depot, Valley Care and Walmart, indoors at Manfisher.


  • We began maintaining it in 1979 after the Christian Translator Association erected it. On that board were June Figgens, Bob Erskine, Paul Freese, Evelyn Minnich, Russ Brantner and Dave Harper.
  • This includes keeping it licensed, paying rent ($60/yr in 1979; $650/year 2015) for the space at the top of Omak Mountain; repairing and updating.
  • Remember, the TV District also maintains the building, access and equipment that allows us to broadcast and requests $45/ year for any who receive radio or TV signals from the Mountain. (PO Box 111, Okanogan)
  • We can send you a schedule, but suggest you go to to see all the station’s programming including on-demand subjects and music.


  • Was begun by local Christians, primarily from Omak Presbyterian and Omak Free Methodist churches in 1973. People involved at that time were: Dan Powers, Russ and Bunny Detro, Rich and Elaine Moomaw, Lori and Carol Cranfill, Gordon Townsend, Revs. Mike Holt and Roger Barr, the Rollins family and others.
  • Consists of: Gospel Stage with a variety of music and personal testimonies, free Bibles, literature and refreshments. 25 gallons of water were doled out in 2011 on Saturday alone. (25 gal x 4 qts x 5 cups/quart = 500 cups of cold water).
  • Rodeo Contestants are freely offered pocket-sized Cowboy Bibles at their check-in.
  • Children make Christian-themed crafts, hear Bible stories. Kids are always looking for something to do; people to talk with.
  • About 50 people help out with all of these activities, plus another 10 or are needed to set up and tear down. Many unseen helpers send cookies, sweet breads, carrots and fruit for refreshments. Recent Gospel Stage ministry, Loose Change Gospel Band, recorded a CD, donating the proceeds to CIA. Available from us or at for $12.97.
  • The Sunday Western Church Service reaches both locals and Stampede visitors. Many western-style speakers have shared their testimony and insight into God’s Word since this began in 1973. Deb & Jeff Copenhaver were guests at several of these.
  • We enjoy talking with people from afar during the Stampede, and many tell us they are glad we are here.


  • Erected in 1986 after the Omak Chamber of Commerce Church Committee had invited the SonShine Ministries of Azle Texas, to conduct public rallies nightly. Speaker Lew Shaffer said, “Why don’t you put up a cross on that high hill between your two communities so everyone can look up and see it?”
  • The church committee members were Father Frank Crowell, St. Ann’s Episcopal Church; Rev Wilfred Frazier, Omak Assembly of God Church; and Rev Loren Parman, Omak First Presbyterian Church. Rev. Parmen and Kelly Hancock spearheaded the beginnings and the Cross was erected on Shellrock Point on Dec 12, 1986. Many, many community members and businesses were involved. A dedication was held at the site April 5, 1987, with speaker Lew Shaffer of SonShine Ministries. The care of the Cross was given to Christians In Action in 1987. A re-dedication was held after the Cross was erected again following a twister’s damage to it on Aug 31, 2005. Jim Aos was project chairman at that time.
  • A Cross History booklet was published in May, 2012, including the original diary of chairman, Loren Parman, subsequent events, and many pictures. They are available for a donation to the organization.


  • For Okanogan and Omak Graduates at their Baccalaureates, and for Okanogan Days and Harvest Fest, and of course, the Omak Stampede Outreach, both contestants and rodeo visitors.


  • For the public such as Gospel Sings, Community choir and films.
  • Have recently sponsored the half-hour Easter Sonrise Service at 6:30 AM at the Omak Memorial Cemetery.
  • Put on Pastor Appreciation Meals with no agenda for the local pastors, just good food.