Sonrise Service

APRIL 1, 2018 SUNDAY, 6:30 – 7:00 AM

An interdenominational Easter “Sonrise” Service will be presented Sunday, April 1, from 6:30-7:00 AM. The public service, coordinated by Christians In Action, will be held in the Omak Memorial Cemetery located behind the Catholic Church on Elmway between Omak and Okanogan.
Participants include Rev Mike McCune, Cornerstone Fellowship Omak; Rev Brian Bowes, Our Savior Lutheran Church, and a message by Rev Jonathan Hayse, New Life Church, Okanogan. A men’s chorus will include Rueben Hale, Gospel Hall, Okanogan; Paul and John Freese, Omak Presbyterian; Otto Yusi, Okanogan Presbyterian; Gordon Adkins, Coby Ingram and Mike Christensen, New Life Church, Okanogan. Other musicians are Kimberly Pfitzer, New Beginnings, Okanogan, and Kathleen Christensen, New Life Centre Church.
Dress warmly, some chairs are provided. Christians In Action also maintains the Sonshine Cross on Shellrock Point and sponsors the Gospel Stage at the Omak Stampede in August. More information at 509-422-4660 or